Fair Merch

Organizing the craft fair cruft while stuff on the bigger projects cures, got a lot of variations of these little boxes made of two plys of 1/8″ wood stock around.

Inner layer of box-jointed maple, outer layer of cherry or some dark contrasting wood with a decorative pattern and some reinforcements to help keep the sides and bottom together. Everything’s laser-cut out of two sheets of stock, usually in batches, then just gets glued up and sanded, about as simple to construct as it gets.

This particular version has a couple of experimental features to make them faster/cheaper: some smaller rounded stone inlays that just get punched out on a drill press for faster production and a non-removable lid that lifts up and slides back, rather than pulling off fully, both so it doesn’t get lost and to eliminate the fitting needed to get a nesting one to seat cleanly. Probably a dead end, people can’t figure out how to open them and I don’t really wanna go this hard into competing with the scented candle stand for someone’s $20

Some ancestor versions in different styles

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